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Winter In The Forest Highland, Let’s get real about backdrops, Faller offering three new kits, ArroWedge kit coming from MTL, D&RGW and Southern SHORTY’s, Repairing a MAXI-I connector pin, MTL Christmas set and new series, Atlas plans first freight car and so much more!

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September / October 2023 Digital

September / October 2023 Digital

September / October 2023 Volume 29 #5 | Digital IssueIn this issueWinter In The Forest Highland, Let..


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September / October 2023 Print

September / October 2023 Volume 29 #5 | Print IssueIn this issueWinter In The Forest Highland, Let’s..


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November always seems to me the Norway of the year - Emily Dickinson

Trackside Perspective | From The September / October 2023 Issue

Autumn Leaves And Thoughts Of Modules...

Autumn is here in Ohio and my thoughts have shifted from all those summer activities, and back to trains. This time of year, gets my creative juices flowing. All summer, I contemplated what I wanted to work on next. Last year, it was building a triple T-Trak-Z module inspired by Worthington Industries. The year before, it was my T-Trak-Z module representing the crossing in Dunkirk, Ohio.

For this year, I decided that I wanted to focus on scenes for our new line of Archistories barn kits. These gorgeous barns needed a home. So why T-Trak-Z modules versus a layout? For me, there are a few reasons. One I like the ability to build a stand-alone scene that I can showcase products on. Then, take that same scene and integrate it into an operating layout. The other part is how easy and transportable these modules are.

And that leads me to one of the favorite pastimes for me. There is nothing better than sitting down to watch a football game and working on a scene. While the background sounds are filled with cheering fans, and commentators exclaiming every play, I lay track, build out contours and develop my modules.

This was just the case this fall and in a course of two days, and two football games, (The Ohio State Buckeyes on Saturday, and Pittsburgh Steelers on Sunday) I completely built out and finished a single T-Trak-Z module for my red Gambrel barn. Frankly I was surprised how fast this build went. But then again, I have been thinking about how I wanted the scene to appear for quite a few months.

Next is another scene showcasing one of the Salt Box barns. These builds help bring back my spark and inspire my creativity. I love this time of year.

Robert Kluz, Ztrack Editor

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