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Ed Bundrum’s Mountain Layout, Microstructures are back!, Creating LPG storage tanks, Spotlight: Eastern Seaboard Models, Märklin 2022 new summer items, Installing DCC in AZL’s PA1 & PB1, Welcome Lance Baker!, Atlas inspired track plan and so much more!

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July / August 2022 Digital

July / August 2022 Digital

July / August 2022 Volume 28 #4 | Digital IssueIn this issueEd Bundrum’s Mountain Layout, Microstruc..


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July / August 2022 Print

July / August 2022 Volume 28 #4 | Print IssueIn this issueEd Bundrum’s Mountain Layout, Microstructu..


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Trackside Perspective, September, 2022

My own personal Larry's Truck and Electric...

Row after row of engines stretch along the rails. The mix of locomotive power is impressive, with SW1500s, Alco PA1s, EMD E7, EMD F7s and others awaiting attention. Piles of trucks, parts and other accessories sit next to the locomotives. This is my own personal Larry’s Truck and Electric.

If you don’t know Larry’s, they are a company that offers rebuilding, scrapping, leasing and reselling of railroad locomotives. Their lease units have the reporting marks of LTEX. Larry’s is located in McDonald, Ohio, and is definitely on my list of places to visit. If you look them up online, you will find a multitude of photos showing row after row of locomotives awaiting their fate. The shear number of road names is incredible. There is a lot of railroad history sitting on their rails.

Looking down at the test running layout in the Ztrack office, I couldn’t help thinking that I have my own personal Larry’s. In our case, there is row after row of new American Z Line locomotives awaiting test running and quality checks. This can be quite a variety depending on what is coming up for release. Mixed in with all of these new locomotives are a few others that may need a little love. Some could use a shell adjustment or a truck replaced. To support this, we have numerous spare trucks for a multitude of locos sitting on the table awaiting use. There are also piles of assorted parts, just in case we need them.

Once again, our miniature railroad world mimics real life. While completely unintential, the result is quite the same. Maybe I should look at creating a Larry’s T-Trak-Z module. What a way to showcase an assortment of AZL locomotives! I sure have the parts and locomotive variety to do so!

Robert Kluz, Ztrack Editor
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