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Ztrack Resale
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March 6, 2015

From the new issue of Ztrack Magazine:

It Just Takes One...

It just takes one car. That single Z scale car, held in your hand, that brings fascination and wonder. How many of you reading this column started with just that one car? Was it purchased inadvertently? Was it handed to you by a Z scale enthusiast? Was it found in a shoebox mixed in with odds and ends at a train show? Was it purchased as a novelty as it represented your favorite roadname? How ever it came into your possession, that single car became a gateway into an amazing hobby.

The other day, I talked to just such a gentleman who launched his Z scale hobby with a single car. He couldn’t believe the fidelity and detail this one car had. It rivaled what he had in the larger scalers. He quickly wanted to add more cars and is now building a layout. His story is one of many that I have heard in my years as a Z scaler...

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